• About us

    Ehret Petroleum Consulting Ltd., established in 1988, and based in Calgary, is led by James Ehret, B.Sc., Petroleum Engineering, Diploma Pet. Tech., with over 30 years experience across 4 continents. James has founded both an oil and gas service company and an exploration production company.


    Ehret Petroleum Consulting Ltd. can provide expertise in virtually any areas of oil and gas production, because we’ve done it.

    We take an ad hoc approach to fulfilling your requirements, whether it be drilling a particular well, or providing a full suite of services as required by an operating company. In this way we can add personnel from James’s wide network of colleagues and consultants and apply resources as required, keeping costs down and overhead low while providing a fit-for-purpose solution to your particular project.

    After determining the scope of the project we will apply the proper resources, including the correct personnel. Personnel that may be required and supplied on any given project may include:

    • Drilling Engineer
    • Completion Engineer
    • Facilities/Pipeline Specialist
    • Construction Specialist
    • All field personnel
    • Bookeeper
    • Financial Accountant
    • Production Accountant