• Shale/Tight Rock

    We were there at the dawn of horizontal drilling over 30 years ago, and also played a role in its development. Technological advances have pushed wellbores deeper and further out, but multi-stage fracturing has ushered in a new game in oil and gas development.

    We will provide you with a plan to get the most production out of your tight formations, from core analysis, micro seismic, to optimum horizontal lengths, number of stages, tons of sand per stage, pumping rates. It all depends on how far along you are on the development curve.

    Re-fracturing or performing workovers existing wellbores has also become a practice to increase production on existing frac’d wellbores. As a frac’d well produces, and over time, fracs will ultimately heal. Refracing has the potential to provide significant production gains from existing wells. As these wells are already tied in the increase in production cam substantially improve F&D metrics.

    Ehret Petroleum Consulting will perform an in-depth review of your existing frac’d well(s) and determine if there are any potential refrac’ing candidates.

  • Operations

    At the heart of every successful Oil and Gas Operating company lies a solid operations group. Ehret Petroleum Consulting Ltd.can provide that for you. Whether it be Drilling, Completions or Workovers, we’ll provide the best plan and the best personnel to get it done, on time, on budget, all the while keeping a keen eye on Safety and the Environment. We believe safe and environmentally considerate working practices are more than just a good idea, but also a moral obligation.

  • Engineering/ Technology

    We understand that to be competitive in this industry requires technology that is fit for purpose, works, is cost beneficial, and delivers the greatest Expected Ultimate Recoveries while providing superior production rates. To accomplish these goals, you need the best technology applied to your drilling and completions practices. We keep a keen eye on the latest technological advances, sort through the myriad of technology and apply what works best to ensure your wells’ production and EURs are maximized.

  • Economics

    Prior to committing capital to a project, Ehret Petroleum Consulting Ltd. will provide detailed economic analysis based on drilling, completion, and tie in costs complete with expected production rates, decline curves, and EURs.

  • Advisory Services

    Since we’ve built both Oil and Gas Service companies and Oil and Gas Exploration and Production companies from the ground up and have faced all those hurdles you may expect to encounter, and quite a few you don’t, we are able to share our learnings with you. Just some of the areas we can offer advice on include:

    • Public and Private Start-Ups
    • Financing
    • Financials
    • Strategy
    • Patents
    • Abandonment Liabilities

    Although we do not have any direct experience in Bankruptcies, we are fully capable of operating Bankrupt assets.